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A domain is your business’s online address. By definition, domain registration is the acquisition of a domain name from a domain name registrar. When it comes to getting a domain name for your business, there are basically three options. You can either register a new domain, get an expired domain or go for a premium domain name.

When properly executed a website is a tool that works for your business. Let us look at domain registration and finding expired domains.

Domain Registration.

When you want your business to have an online presence, they must have domain names for websites, emails or any other web services. These domains names identify the business on the internet for a given period of time, after which they expire. Some businesses like the idea of registering a new domain name while others prefer to go for expired domains.

A new domain is advantageous in that;

· A business is able to tailor a name that is catchy and relates to what the business does. By this, you are being more professional, in that you are describing what your business really does.

· The domain name is optimized to what is normally searched for when looking for anything that relates to the business.

· A new domain name is more specific as opposed to finding expired domains where the domain name may portray the business in a much broader sense.

· Search engine look at the domain name and easily figure out what the business is all about. This gives you better ranking on search engine reports.

Expired domain names.

Domain registration and finding expired domains have to be given more or less the same consideration before you settle on one that suits your business. So what are expired domains? When a business determines that it is no longer profitable to keep a website, or when a said business doesn’t renew their domain after a year, the domain expires and is available to be used by another business.

Some businesses prefer to use expired domain names as opposed to registering new ones. It is true that expired domains, when used properly, are just the tool to get traffic to your website. This however is not always the case.

There are various reasons why a business would want to buy expired domain names, these include;

· Some expired domain names have a higher page rank value, which will be a great promotional advantage to the buying company.

· Since the domain name has been in existence, it is more familiar to crawlers and therefore will rank better, you will not have to use promotional and back-linking techniques that more often than not, get newer sites lower ranking.

· Expired domains enable you to have a reputable online presence and better ranking without necessarily bearing the cost that goes with that.

· Businesses don’t have to check domain name availability since they are going for something that is already in existence.

Domain name registration and finding expired domains could just be the tool that defines how effective your online marketing campaign is going to be. Ensure you make the right choice for faster and better return on investment.