SEO Tools Majestic and ahrefs explained

Majestic and ahrefs explained, what they are and how to best utilize them.

Lets take a quick look at Majestic and see what it has to offer and how to best utilize its tools to our benefit.

majestic home page

Heres a great short 7 minute video clearly and concisely showing how to use to quickly evaluate a domains backlinks and value.

This video is a more in depth and much longer 42 minute video explaining how to use Majestic more as a tool for building stronger link structures for your site and evaluating competition more in depth.


Now lets take a look at ahrefs, while it main contain a few of the same general domain research tools its more of a management and domain status tracking SEO related software.

ahrefs home page

This is a great video explaining how to use ahrefs to find and remove negative backlinks that may be holding you back from gaining more positions!

Here’s a great 15 minute complete review, overview and ahrefs tutorial video that will help answer a lot of general questions about the software!

And this is a great video demonstrating how to use Majestic and ahrefs together optimally for the serious SEO wizards out there!