How to Identify Your Potential Customers

If you run a small business then you have probably put some thought into attracting potential customers. It is not easy to figure out your target audience unless you have an incredibly niche product, but with market research and some thought, you can identify your potential market and expand your reach to get as many people as possible.

One mistake that a lot of business owners make is assuming that their customers are “people who want to buy X”, and that their competitors are “people who also sell X”. It’s not usually quite that simple.

Let’s take a simple example – a .

The potential customers at a gym are not just people who want to go to the gym. The target audience includes people who want to lose weight, people who want to get fit, people who are already active and want to get fit for other sports, and people who want to try a new hobby who may not think of themselves as sporty – you may bring in women who want to go to a zumba class just because their friends are, or people who want to do yoga to relax, for example. Read Best Dental Website SEO Tips You Can Use

The competitors for a gym aren’t just other gyms –

They are every other business that a person may choose to visit in their free time. How many times have you, the reader, planned to exercise but then went to the cinema instead, or watched Netflix, or played a video game, or even went to a bar or a restaurant with your friends.

Your job as a marketer is to be the business that appeals to people better than other businesses. You want to sell not just to those who already want your product, but to those who don’t know they want it yet.

The way to do that is to decide who your ideal customer is, then make yourself irresistible to that person. Don’t try to compete on price. Don’t try to buy from someone who doesn’t want to buy from you. Rather, focus on demonstrating the value of your company’s product or services. Your ideal buyer is someone who sees that value and who is willing to pay what you charge. When you start chasing those who are only willing to pay less, you get stuck in a race to the bottom. Get Tips For Locating The Best SEO Company

If you run a marketing company, look for companies that clearly need help to get more sales. If you run a youth group, your target audience is local kids and their friends – if your service is good enough then younger kids will get their parents to bring them and many older kids are willing to commute a little way for something that isn’t in their area. If you’re a chef, then you can market not just the food, but the experience of dining in your restaurant – don’t be known as ‘that great french place’, be known as ‘the great restaurant for a romantic night’ or ‘the quiet, understated restaurant that’s good for business meetings’. Make your niche, and excel in it. Contact local seo atlanta .